What to Look For When Buying Topical Hemp Cream

Topical hemp cream

At Tolk Wellness Center, we pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality wellness products and supplements for our patients. However, we also understand that in order to create true lasting wellness, our patients need to have a complete understanding of what we are suggesting and how these products help to heal their body. Education is half of the equation and is a major point of emphasis for every patient that steps through our doors.

In exciting news, we’ve just recently started to carry Vitalibis full-spectrum CBD creams and oils for sale in our office! After an extensive vetting process, we were fully convinced that Vitalibis had the highest quality full-spectrum CBD products on the market. 

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All Vitalibis products are made with organically-grown hemp from Colorado and contains zero pesticides. They use third-party testing to ensure their end-product is pure and free of heavy metals. Additionally, Vitalibis products never contain synthetic flavors and have less than .3% THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

growth and extraction matters

Since Vitalibis products hit our shelves, the soothing CBD cream has quickly become a fan favorite for its easy application, soothing sensation and invigorating smell. This cooling/warming sensation is a result of three main natural ingredients:

Wintergreen Oil: An essential oil derived from the Wintergreen plant and is known for its distinctively sweet, minty and woody scents.

Cinnamomum Camphora (Camphor): An essential oil derived from camphor laurel, rosemary and mint (also acts as a terpenoid).

Menthol: A compound derived from the oils of peppermint and other mints.

Unfortunately, not all CBD creams are made the same and the ones commonly found in grocery stores, gas stations and shopping malls are often full of synthetic ingredients that can result in organ toxicity, skin irritation, endocrine system disruption and other debilitating conditions.

Some of the harmful synthetic ingredients that can be found in these over-the-counter CBD products include: 

Lidocaine: A local anesthetic (numbing medication) that works by blocking nerve signals in your body, numbing tissue in applied areas.  The EWG scored this ingredient as a 3 and is “banned or found unsafe for use in cosmetics”. 

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate): EWG Score: 9

PEG 100: EWG Score: 3

Polysorbate 60:  EWG Score: 3 

Squalene:  EWG Score: 1 (Note: this ingredient is fine to use as long as it’s being derived from olives and not sharks)

irritating ingredients

Knowing how to read nutrition and ingredient labels is necessary to understand the significant quality difference between Vitalibis full-spectrum CBD products and the many others on the market. Here is some advice to help you decipher these often confusing labels:

  1. Take a look at the listed ingredients. Assuming the company is following the rules, the ingredients will be in order from highest percentage to the lowest.  For many topicals, water or aqua will be the ingredient listed first. The soothing components like menthol and wintergreen should be listed towards the back end of the first six ingredients. 
  2. Refer to the EWG database to help understand which ingredients are safe for your body and which are not.

As we’re always trying to find the most natural, effective and affordable products for our customers, Vitalibis full-spectrum CBD products are significantly less expensive than many competitive brands (Vitalibis sells for $9/ounce, while others sell for $11.50/ounce and higher). Furthermore, many of these products are using a CBD isolate, instead of full-spectrum CBD. As such, these other products often lack the wellness benefits that Vitalibis products consistently bring. 

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