Tolk Wellness Center is the Flagship for Vitalibis Products

OakLeaf Wellness + Health announces their recent exclusive partnership with Vitalibis, promoting and distributing their high-quality CBD oils and creams to wellness professionals around the country. Beginning with their flagship, Tolk Chiropractic and Wellness Center, OakLeaf is facilitating all aspects of the distribution process, from developing digital marketing assets to providing attractive counter-top displays, and training.

“We are excited to work with the OakLeaf team to put quality wellness products into the hands of many patients,” says Steve Raack, CEO of Vitalibis. “Our companies align very well in many ways and we are grateful for our alliance. Supporting medical professionals and their patients is a strategic pillar for Vitalibis and we are thrilled to be executing these plans with OakLeaf.”

Steve Raack, CEO of Vitalibis

Tolk Wellness Center is the flagship wellness practice for OakLeaf Wellness + Health and was founded 40 years ago by Dr. L. Andrew Tolk, former chiropractor for the NHL Whalers. After only three months of selling Vitalibis products, Tolk Wellness Center are helping their patients find wellness relief with Vitalibis’ oils and creams.

“When it comes to CBD brands, Vitalibis is the cream of the crop,” says Dr. David Tolk, Medical Director of OakLeaf Wellness + Health. “I have so much respect for their company values as well as the level of care they put into all of their products. Every level of their sourcing process is done the right way, for both our patients and the planet. Best of all, they are one of the few CBD companies that I have seen to offer limited liability insurance, protecting both the patient and practitioners..”

Dr. David Tolk

The way Vitalibis extracts their oil is their major difference. Where it’s common for brands to extract oil using harsh solvents and CO2, Vitalibis uses pressure coupled with precise bursts of heat. This patent-pending extraction process produces a terpene rich, full spectrum oil containing many beneficial elements. As a result, their oil does not need additional flavoring to taste better.

OakLeaf Wellness + Health now looks to replicate the improved patient-experience, services and products for other practices in need.

Wellness professionals who are interested in the program will benefit greatly because not only are they representing a trusted brand that has product liability, third party testing and sourced from organic farms in Colorado, they will receive strong marketing support to help educate their patients about the benefits and safety of using CBDs.

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