The Value of Yoga and Meditation for Seniors

Senior Yoga.

Yoga and meditation have a wide range of mental and physical health benefits and should be used as part of a holistic approach to wellness. As you age, it’s important to take part in activities that keep both your mind and body vibrant and strong. Here are the main reasons why yoga and meditation are valuable for seniors.

Yoga improves flexibility

There’s no shame in admitting that seniors aren’t as flexible as they used to be. It’s a known fact, and can have effects on mental health and the ability to do things. Yoga is great for improving flexibility and will help keep even problem joints, such as hips and knees, nice and supple. It’s a gradual buildup, but after a while even the stiffest senior should be able to touch their toes. Improving flexibility can also help avoid costly injuries.

Meditation is great for restoring mental balance

Even in retirement there can be plenty of things that cause stress. Meditation is great for seniors because it gives them time to take a step back and re-center themselves mentally. The whole process is incredibly relaxing and can be a driving force behind inspiration and clear thinking. And who doesn’t need that in their lives?

Yoga builds muscle strength and posture

Much like with flexibility, it’s no secret that many seniors have problems with a loss of strength and posture. These issues can be damaging both mentally and physically. Rather than the strength you build through lifting weights, yoga helps to build a core strength that’s much more important for seniors. Good core strength and posture can reduce the chances of injury, and will help seniors maintain independence.

senior yoga

Meditation can reduce memory loss

Memory loss, whether through age or illness, can be a frightening prospect. Deep thinking while meditating can help your brain practice retaining information, which is a massive benefit for seniors. It also helps to keep the brain active and engaged, which is one of the best ways to combat memory loss. Combine this will the improvement meditation gives to attention, and many seniors will find themselves thinking quicker than they have for years.

What type of yoga should seniors try?

There are many different kinds of yoga out there, and not all will be appropriate for seniors. Hatha is one of the most suitable schools of yoga for seniors because it’s very gentle, and is recommended for people who have low flexibility and muscle strength. Obviously, as these improve, seniors can move on to more complex types of yoga. It’s also recommended to attend a class to learn best practice, and this is also a great way to meet similar people.

Yoga and meditation for seniors can provide a range of health benefits that can combat many of the main signs of old age. Keeping a sharp mind and flexible body makes many people feel younger, which has a range of knock-on effects in life. Both yoga and meditation are valuable exercises for seniors because they’re very gentle on the body, but are also very helpful. To learn more about keeping your body functioning optimally as you age, visit our website at