Support Your Wellness with Vitalibis Full-Spectrum CBD Products

support wellness with vitalibis products

It’s been three months since we’ve introduced Vitalibis full-spectrum CBD products into Tolk Wellness Center and the patient feedback has been outstanding! With their organic sourcing methods and commitment to pure and effective products, Vitalibis has set the standard as the premium CBD brand.

The way Vitalibis extracts their oil is their major difference. Where it’s common for brands to extract oil using harsh solvents and CO2, they use precise bursts of heat. This patent-pending extraction process produces a terpene-rich, full-spectrum oil containing many beneficial elements. As a result, their oil does not have a bad taste or need additional flavoring to taste better.

One of the main pillars of the Vitalibis brand is the importance of education and CBD awareness.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD is that it’s a cure-all,” says Dr. David Tolk of Tolk Wellness Center. “It doesn’t cure a thing. Actually, it builds on the body’s natural ability to manage stress levels. The leading cause of disease is stress, and when we experience stress, our bodies are in a state of fight or flight, which is the opposite of a parasympathetic state that allows rest, digestion, recovery, and healing. CBD allows you to rest and get the stress levels down so that your body can heal better and easier. To me it is a stress reducer, and in the process of reducing stress, it helps to manage the other processes of your body better.”

Dr. David Tolk, Tolk Wellness Center

Vitalibis uses premium full-spectrum CBD extract to create the most effective and pure products for their customers. In addition, all Vitalibis products are validated by independent third-party testing labs for purity. Their products include:

Signature 300 CBD+ Oil

Signature 600 CBD+ Oil

Signature AB900 CBD+ Oil

Daily Wellness Capsules

Soothing Body Cream

Finally, Vitalibis has made a commitment to personal and environmental wellness – be well, do good. Their social mission supports non-profits who are making a difference and Tolk Wellness Center is proud to stand behind their efforts. Learn more about the Vitalibis brand here.