ArthroStim is an effective and advanced chiropractic tool that is commonly used in conjunction with chiropractic therapy and applied kinesiology at Tolk Chiropractic & Wellness Center.  By applying a set amount of force to a target area, our doctors are able to pinpoint and treat specific nerves responsible for your discomfort.

Unlike manual adjustments, the ArthroStim is able to deliver specified forces to an affected area, from a few ounces to up to 40 pounds. Because of the low impact and non-invasive nature of this tool, our doctors are able to apply it to all areas of the body, including the lower and upper back, neck, feet, ears and head. It is even a safe and effective treatment option for newborns!

Because of its gentle and non-invasive nature, the Arthro Stim has become a popular treatment option with many of our patients.  The benefits of the ArthroStim chiropractic adjusting instrument along with acupuncture, Quantum Neurology and massage therapy creates a more specific, targeted, longer lasting and effective adjustment.



Chiropractor applying ArthoStim Therapy

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