Reducing Cold Weather Joint Pain with Chiropractic

running in the snow

Joint pain is not a pleasant experience at any time of year, but it’s particularly bad in cold weather. A drop in temperature can massively reduce the body’s mobility, as it causes your body to draw blood away from the limbs in order to keep warm. Chiropractic is a useful way of dealing with joint pain that arises from cold weather. Here are the main ways in which it can help.

Chiropractic Improves Circulation

Chiropractic has proven useful for improving blood flow, which can have a positive impact on joint pain. Good circulation is particularly useful in cold weather because it will stop you from feeling cold as easily. Aligning your spine will help to open up veins and arteries, which can be restricted because of pressure from muscles or joints. By visiting a chiropractor regularly, particularly in winter, you will be able to maintain good circulation and reduce joint pain.

Chiropractic Boosts Your Immune System

While this isn’t directly related to joint pain, the symptoms of the condition can become much worse if you’re feeling run down, and it’s common for people to experience joint pain as a precursor to a cold or the flu. Chiropractic boosts your immune system and helps to increase production of white blood cells, which reduces your risk of infection. If you’re susceptible to joint pain, it’s worth exploring every option available to reduce the risks.

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It Helps Keep You Flexible

Regular chiropractic care helps to keep your spine aligned and reduces pressure on your muscles and joints. Improving flexibility, along with circulation, means you’ll be less likely to experience joint pain, and should also improve your range of motion. This will allow you to do more, and so should create a positive cycle of flexibility and limber joints.

Chiropractic Reduces the Risk of Injury

If you already experience joint pain, you can be much more susceptible to injury, even if you don’t do anything particularly strenuous. This is because your body is already tense, and will likely be compensating for a stiff joint elsewhere in the body. For example, if you have joint pain in one knee, you’ll put more pressure on the other leg to help deal with it. Chiropractic will keep your spine aligned, which helps relieve pressure on joints and muscles. And if your body is flexible, there’s less chance of you being injured because it has a greater range of movement.

Chiropractic can be particularly useful at treating joint pain, especially if it’s pain resulting from cold weather. Keeping your body healthy in cold weather should be approached holistically, and chiropractic care is beneficial when used as part of a holistic course of treatment. Much joint pain can be traced back to the spine, so it’s particularly effective to manage the issue at its source. For more information about relieving joint pain with our chiropractic services, visit our website at