Reducing Chronic Aching with Acupressure

acupressure therapy

While acupuncture may be more well-known due to its distinctive treatment needles, acupressure is also an effective treatment option for localized pain relief and stress reduction. Acupressure is regarded as a very safe, non-invasive and relaxing treatment option. 

Essentially, acupressure works very similar to acupuncture but without the needles. It follows a similar theory of meridian lines running through the body. When energy flow through these is blocked, an individual can experience and a number of uncomfortable symptoms, such as chronic pain. 

By applying pressure to specific points in the body, our doctors are able to unblock the flow of energy along the meridian lines to allow the body to begin its natural healing process. As always, the goal is to provide the body with the best chance it has to heal itself, rather than focusing on covering up symptoms with medication and quick fixes.

Acupressure Treatments at Tolk Wellness Center

At Tolk Wellness Center, we incorporate acupressure into a number of our treatments. First, and most commonly, our massage therapist Sylvia Overton utilizes relieving effects of acupressure when working with a patient, specifically when administering a Deep Tissue Massage. This aspect of the massage is what generally leads to a reduction of pain for the patient.

migun acupressure therapy

Additionally, we’ve added a brand new service to the Center that incorporates acupressure in a unique way: Migun Acupressure Therapy. This highly effective and relaxing treatment utilizes a bed that has far-infrared heated jade massage heads that run up and down the body at specific points to stimulate acupressure points in the patient. A specifically designed track running through the bed helps gently stretch and manipulate the spine during the treatment.

By combining these elements into a relaxing bed, our patients have noticed a significant reduction in pain and stress as well as an overall feeling of post-treatment calm.  This therapy also helps to gently detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system to keep the body in a healthier state. Migun Acupressure Therapy may also reduce discomfort stemming from arthritis as well as other issues related to aging.

The effects of Migun Acupressure Therapy were recently supported by research studies conducted at the University of California, Irvine. According to the researchers’ findings, the benefits of using Migun Therapy Tables included pain relief, better regulation of blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and boosting the immune system. For more information about how our doctors use acupressure at Tolk Wellness Center, call 860-651-3521 or click here to book your first appointment!