Healing the Body with Therapeutic Massages Wellness Workshop

Tolk Wellness Workshop

The body is an amazing machine but it requires constant maintenance for optimal function. Therapeutic massages offer great benefits aside from the relaxation and is actually a form of physical and mental wellness. At Tolk Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we are delighted to offer therapeutic massages from Sports massages, Swedish to Deep Tissue massages that target tight areas in the body to promote healing.

On November 19, join massage therapist, Sylvia Overton and Dr. David Tolk for an educational wellness workshop to answer questions on therapeutic massages to help you better sleep, reduce stress, and relieve tension in the body so it can heal itself. Learn about natural solutions, therapies, and supplements that will help your body recover naturally.

Sylvia comes with years of experience and will also demonstrate her exclusive Bamboo massage therapy treatment. The bamboo tools carry heat much better than hot stones and allow Sylvia to really focus on the body’s needs with her techniques.

Sylvia Overton demonstrates massage with Bamboo tools

We will also be discussing the value of adding essential oils to promote wellness. Sylvia will be speaking about her favorite blends and how the essential oils from Doterra and Plant Therapy are effective in preparing the mind and body through the process. We will be showcasing the latest roll-on blends to help with Focus, Colds, Congestion, and more from Doterra.

Lastly, the Vitalibis soothing body cream is highly effective for massages. Made with organic hemp oil, camphor, methol, and other proprietary ingredients, Vitalibis is sold at Tolk Wellness Center for patients who want to experience the power of CBDs. Dr. David Tolk will answer questions about how the Vitalibis body cream has helped many of his patients already for better sleep, recovery, and rejuvenation.

There is a lot of buzz about CBDs and it’s important to use how to choose the right CBD product for your wellness and what important qualities and certifications you need to be aware of. Not all CBDs are the same. At Tolk Wellness Center, we aim to provide our patients with the highest grade organic products to produce the best results for your health. As seen on Forbes, Green Entrepreneur, Thrive Global and Readwrite, Vitalibis is the brand of choice at Tolk Wellness Center.

Attendees will receive samples of the Vitalibis Soothing Body Cream, and a $15.00 discount offer off their first 60-minute massage with Sylvia. Two winners will be selected to also win a 30-minute Ioncleanse Foot Bath.

Refreshments and light snacks will be provided. Enter our drawing to win a FREE 30-minute Ionic Foot Detox.

RSVP at 860-651-3521

Event location: Tolk Wellness Center

Time: 6:30-8:00 PM