Cleansing the Body with Ionic Detox

ionic footbath

Our lives are filled with toxins. Whether this is the pollution we breathe in, additives in our food, toxins are in our systems even if we live healthily. Many toxins don’t produce symptoms on their own, but can contribute to illness or general feelings of ill health. One way to cleanse them from our bodies is through ionic detox.

What is ionic detox?

In short, ionic detox uses ionized water to cleanse your body of toxins that have built up from a range of sources. The ionized water draws the toxins out of your body through your feet, and these toxins cause the water to change color. Even though it sounds like a technical process, it’s actually quite simple.

Ionizing the water gives the hydrogen particles a positive charge. This then draws toxins (which are negatively charged) towards them and out of your body through your feet. The whole process is a relaxing way of detoxing the body, and leaves you feeling calm and refreshed.

Who should have an ionic detox?

Ionic detox is suitable for pretty much everyone, but should be avoided if you currently have any open wounds on your feet, as this would increase the chances of infection. Detoxing is particularly suitable for those living in cities, or who find themselves in contact with toxins on a daily basis. It’s also particularly useful for those that suffer from arthritis, body pain and allergies.

Ionic detox should be used as part of a holistic approach to healthcare. After all, having a relaxing foot soak does wonders for your mental health, even if it’s just to have a break from everyday life. A cleanse can make you feel happier and healthier, and removing all of those toxins can hardly be a bad thing.

foot bath

Is ionic detox safe?

There’s absolutely no reason why an ionic detox isn’t safe because it only uses ionized water, which is an incredibly stable and safe compound. An ionic cleanse can help stimulate the body’s natural detoxing abilities, and was developed to work with the body.

It can also be used along with a range of other detoxing techniques, such as cold laser therapy and frequency modulation, which are also perfectly safe. Unlike other medical procedures, detoxing with an ionic cleanse is completely non-invasive, and feels more like a spa day than a medical procedure.

Ionic detox can be a great way to cleanse the body, and leaves your body feeling revitalized. It should be used along with a range of other detoxing techniques for the patient to feel the full benefit. Ionic detox can help to remove the buildup of toxins we encounter in our everyday lives that our bodies have a hard time removing on their own. Click here for more information about detoxing your body with our ionic detox service!