Balancing the Body with Optimal Nutrition

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Having a good diet is the cornerstone of any holistic wellness routine. Without suitable and balanced nutrition, your body will have a hard time keeping itself well, and this can affect your mental health as well as your physical health. Many people might think they’re getting a balanced diet, when in fact they’re missing out on crucial elements. One of the best ways of testing this is with nutritional screening.

What is nutritional screening?

Nutritional screening is a fairly simple process in which a health practitioner examines different areas of your health to see if your body is getting the right levels of nutrition. This can be done in a number of ways, including a food diary, weight comparisons, examinations and tests. Once the practitioner has a better understanding of your average daily diet, they can then advise you on what you might be lacking.

The information gathered during nutritional screening is then used to compile a new diet strategy, or to inform patients what they’re lacking and how they can get a better balance of nutrition. There’s no set guideline on how often nutritional screening should be done, but the more regularly it’s performed, the better chance you have of reacting to any deficiencies before they can become a problem.

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How can you optimize your nutrition?

Getting the right diet can be difficult for many people, whether due to finances, availability of good quality food, or the presence of additives and preservatives in the food they do eat. However, supplements are an ideal way of getting good nutrition, and are an easy way to get commonly missed nutrients such as iron.

Nutritional screening is a great first step because it will help you identify what you’re missing, and then point you towards how you can get this. It’ll give you a better understanding of what foods you need to balance your body’s pH and nutritional needs.

The benefits of being balanced

Having balanced nutrition has a range of health benefits, both mental and physical. Being healthy means your body has a better chance of fighting off infections and illness, means you have better concentration and reasoning capabilities, and are less likely to suffer from mental health conditions such as depression.

A good and balanced diet is overlooked by many people. On top of this, many think that the food they’re eating is good for them, when in fact it can be sprayed with pesticides, additives, preservatives, and antibiotics. These are all things that can be damaging to our well-being, and should be avoided. Luckily, nutritional screening helps you to identify these things and learn how to avoid them in future.

Nutritional screening is the first step towards optimizing diet and restoring balance to your body. Once you know what you’re missing, you’ll have a much easier time planning your diet and ensuring you’re getting the right nutrition. If you’d like more information on our nutritional screening services and how these can help restore balance, visit our website at