06 Feb

Detox vs. Cleanse vs. Fast

Join Dr. Keith Yimoyines, ND to learn about the important differences between Detoxing, Cleansing, and Fasting for better health & wellness. Register now on Eventbrite to learn more.
16 Nov

Tolk Wellness Center Holiday Essential Oils Calming Workshop

Holiday Essential Oils
With the holidays around the corner, Tolk Wellness Center understands that our anxiety and stress levels will be reaching its peak. As a way to provide wellness solutions for our patients, we encourage you to join our educational workshop with certified health coach and essential...
28 Jul

Lyme Disease Update with Dr. Keith Yimoyines, ND

Aggressive Ticks
It’s Official. Tolk Wellness Center is welcoming Dr. Keith Yimoyines, ND onboard as our leading Lyme expert and Naturopathic Doctor. We are so excited to share all his expertise on Lyme Disease and his naturopathic services to help more